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e-Course: Create a Moisturizing Hair Cream

e-Course: Create a Moisturizing Hair Cream

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What the course is about

** In just 1 hour, you can learn to make your own formulated cream moisturizer that will last you a lifetime!


Moisturizers are the #1 requested hair product for people wanting healthy hair - especially if their hair is curly. Learn step-by-step through video instruction nad downloads how to make your own cream moisturizer from scratch so that you will never have to worry about dry hair again.

  • Loose Curls

    Also known as Type 3.

  • Medium Curls

    Also known as Type 4A.

  • Tight Curls

    Also known as Type 4B-C.

Included in the course

Detailed handouts, complete formula and procedures

Receive the complete written formula for this product so that you can make it over and over again. PLUS, you'll receive additional e-books that explain herb properties, herb selection, how to substitute ingredients, and more!

Video instruction

Watch the step-by-step video tutorials as you work alongside to make your own moisturizer.

International vendor list

This document provides you with a list of suppliers for your raw ingredients and home lab materials.

90-Day Entrepreneur Workbook & Planner

265 pages of business instruction to help you take your new product to the next level - a haircare business - 90 days at a time. This e-book is available for you to download as many times as you need to establish your business and move it forward.

Immediate access

There's no need to wait for the next enrollment date. You will have immediate access to the course so that you can start making your hair cream moisturizer today.

Eco-friendly ingredients

You don't like toxics in your products, and neither do we That's why we crafted this luxurious mega-moisture formulation with only eco-friendly, plant-powered ingredients. The end result - a creamy moisturizer that your hair will love!

Learn to formulate

Creating your own professional haircare products officially makes you a formulator. With this course, you'll learn how to make this stable hair cream product that you can customize for different hair types.

Your must-have moisturizer

Whether for yourself, friends & family, or to start a business, this course will equip you with the formulation knowledge needed to get started. Create the same product over and over or make numerous variations. The choice (and power) is yours.



    1. Your Home Lab & Housekeeping

    2. Making A Basic Emulsion

    3. Building The Formula



    1. Base Ingredients

    2. Using Preservatives



    1. Making the moisturizer (part 1)

    2. Making the moisturizer (part 2)

Save $$$ with this one product

You have curly hair so you know how expensive moisturizing hair products can be. You also know that not every product works for your hair. Learning to make your own hair cream moisturizer guarantees that you will never have to deal with dry curls again,

Here's how it works

It is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Click the "Start Today" button below

2. Enroll in the course

3. Receive immediate course access and start learning!