You have questions and we have answers! Here is a brief list of the most asked questions about our products and business.

Q: Will any of AfroVeda's products make my hair grow really fast?

A: All of the AfroVeda products use a proprietary blend of Bhringaraj, Nettle and a few other Ayurvedic herbs that are infused in oils and made part of all the formulas. It is our special Ayurvedic herbal mixture and is why all our products promote such great hair growth abilities! The Shikakai Hair Growth Elixir includes a little "extra", which makes it stand apart from all the other products. No one product alone will grow your hair "really fast". It takes time and patience to undo the damage that we so often inflict on our hair. With a consistent cleansing, conditioning & moisturizing regimen (using AfroVeda products), I am confident that you will see your hair gaining its original healthy texture back and growing by leaps and bounds.

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: Because our products are made fresh with natural and organic ingredients and no harmful preservatives, they do have expiration dates ranging between 9-12 months depending on the product. Also, please remember that your fingers are a source of contaminants. Each time you reach into the container to take out some of our wonderful product, you will be exposing that product to bacteria and other contaminants. Please use a small spoon, cosmetic spatula, or craft stick to remove the product from the jar-- especially if you are buying the larger sizes to use over a long period of time. Additionally, please guard against introducing water into the product. Water encourages the growth of mold and bacteria.

Q: Are AfroVeda's products safe for color-treated hair?

A: Yes, the products are safe for color treated hair and will not cause the color to fade. Because the oils contain essential oils (which should not be used with high heat) I would not recommend using them specifically to press hair. However, the oils can be applied to the hair before blow drying, and can also be used after pressing for sheen and for sealing in moisture.

Q: Are your products only for African-American hair?

A: The short answer is "no". People from all ethnicities and walks of life, and with various different 'types' of hair (curly, straight, kinky, afro-textured, relaxed, braided and loc'd) are current AfroVeda family members! Our products are based on Ayurvedic dosha constitutions (body types), not on the texture of your hair or color of your skin.

Q: Do you offer free samples?

A: No, we currently do not offer free samples of our products.

Q: Are your products all natural?

A: All of our products are 99-100% natural, and most are 90% organic. The other 1% is a paraben-free preservative that is used in all of our water-based products.

Q: What is the best way to keep your natural products lasting longer?

A: It is best to keep our natural products in a cool, dry place. For longer shelf life, you may refrigerate any of our hair butters.

Q: Do you use parabens or any harsh chemicals in your products?

A: No. We are proud to make natural products that are free of mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, sulfates, pthalates or silicones. 

Q: Are your products safe for children?

A: Yes, because we do not use any harsh ingredients or chemicals, our products are generally safe for use on children. We do want you to know, however, that many of our products contain nut oils such as Almond. If you have allergies to any of our natural ingredients that would cause an unfavorable effect, please do not use that particular product.

Q: What are your payment methods and do you ship internationally?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Diner's Club credit cards, as well as payments through Amazon Pay. We use USPS International Priority shipping for all our international orders.

Q: Do you use pre-made bases?

A: No. Our products are made using proprietary. custom formulas developed and owned by AfroVeda.

Q: Why is this product slightly thinner/thicker than the last one I received?

A: AfroVeda products are made fresh using natural oils, butters and emulsifiers so slight differences in texture from batch to batch may occur. This will not affect performance. A thinner batch will thicken over time as is the nature of certain emulsion systems.

Q: Why are some of your products discontinued?

A: Products are discontinued for the following reasons:
1. The necessary supplies have been discontinued by the manufacturer or distributor and a similarly priced replacement of equal quality cannot be found or exceeds our storage capacity.
2. It is no longer cost effective to manufacture at existing retail rates due to increases in supplier pricing or shipping costs.
3. The product did not meet sales expectations

Q: Are your products safe to use with hair extensions?

A: Absolutely! In fact, to keep your hair healthy while you utilize protective styling with wigs and/or weaves we highly recommend that incorporating our products into your care regimen. They are great for encouraging hair growth, as well as keeping your hair healthy.

Q: I'm planning a natural hair meetup in my hometown. Can AfroVeda donate products or sell meet-up packs for my event?

A: We do not offer "meet-up" packs for natural hair events. Please note that we obtain LOTS of natural hair sponsorship requests and are not able to accept or respond to each and every one. If you have submitted a request asking for product donations to your event and have not received a reply within 5 days, then we are not able to participate at that time.

Q: What is a simple regimen for caring for my hair?

A: You really need only to remember these four things:

  1. Clean
  2. Condition
  3. Moisturize
  4. Seal

Once you’ve done this, you hair has been well maintained! You may then use our hair growth solutions and/or styling products to enhance your curls!

Q: What is the best way to get well-defined twists & twistouts?

A: Using any of our hair butters will give you the moisture you need after you wash & condition your hair. Mixing a little of our PUR Whipped Hair Gelly along with the hair butter will help to control frizz, give you fabulous shine, and will help to hold your style in place. It will not leave your hair hard or crunchy (unless you use too much!). A little goes a long way, so please be modest in your application and you will get great results!

Q: What is the difference in the hair butter moisturizers?

A: Moisturizers are a mainstay in every curly hair regimen, and ours are packed with the most moisturizing ingredients we could source! Since all of our products are made according to traditional Ayurvedic methods, we made the hair butter moisturizers to match your “specific” dosha/body type. This means that the ingredients selected for each moisturizer (Shea Amla Whipped Butter Cream, CocoLatte Moisture Mask, and Totally Twisted Ginger Almond Butter) are suitable for that particular body (dosha) type. All of the hair butters can be used by all dosha types, but these were made specifically according to Ayurvedic tradition.

We realize that everyone's hair is different. So we've provided every possible way for you to achieve the perfect moisture level for your curls, while also helping to keep your hair healthy!

Have another question that is not answered here? Let us know below!