About Us


Transformation goes beyond healthy hair, but it is a good place to start.  AfroVeda helps you transform from dry, damaged hair to something you will be proud to wear. You can walk confidently, embracing your natural beauty, and assured that you are doing something good for yourself and the environment. The question of whether your haircare products are void of harmful ingredients is no longer an issue with AfroVeda's products. We make sure of it.

Our Mission

TRANSFORMATION. The textured hair community is our focus and we support this diverse group of consumers by providing premium quality, high performance and plant-powered hair care products to help them move forward and grow in their healthy hair journey.

Our Story

It was in 2007 when the founder, Mala Rhodes, first learned of Ayurveda and its principles of using plant medicine for equilibrium.

She took this knowledge, coupled with her experience and training, and later that year created AfroVeda, a pioneer in Ayurvedic haircare solutions for kinky, curly and coily hair.

The company closed for a while due to Covid-19 and the worldwide pandemic but is now able to return with even better formulations and better products.

Our use of Ayurvedic principles when formulating AfroVeda's products means that we take our time with each product, we're conscious of the ingredients we use, and we only have you in mind. The result? Truly holistic haircare that works.

Our Ultimate Goal

AfroVeda's ultimate goal is to turn back the clock on your hair by using carefully selected herbs that will bring back its youthful vitality and shine, helping you feel your best every day. We are committed to providing optimal results that not only improve your overall look but also help to rejuvenate your hair to its natural radiance.

We believe in the philosophy of Good Karma and maintaining a balance in life. This philosophy encourages us always to remain truthful, honest, and hard-working.