HYDRATE!  Dosha Water Bottle for KAPHA

HYDRATE! Dosha Water Bottle for KAPHA

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Our products are made with the utmost consciousness for your health and will never contain parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde or any other harmful chemicals. We are all about conscious haircare - which means that we are conscious of what we put in our products to make sure they are only good. We hope you are conscious, too. 

HYDRATE! Dosha Water Bottle for KAPHA


Are these not the most BEAUTIFUL water bottles you've ever seen? Our stylish, reusable glass bottles will keep you hydrated and won't leach any chemicals into your beverage like plastic one. That's important, right? Plus they even have water infusion recipes on the back (and in the accompanying booklet) for each dosha type to give you some healthy choices for staying hydrated.

And these natural hair designs...HOT!! If you wear your hair in it's naturally curly state, you know how important it is to REPRESENT!  So put one of these on your desk and watch it become an instant conversation piece!

Did you know that drinking water can increase hair growth?  Absolutely!  Dehydration immediately halts hair growth, and drinking just 2 liters a day will help in strengthening your hair.  Drinking enough water is very important in the fight against dry scalp and dandruff, so drink up!  Sure, there are other water infusion bottles on the market,  But now you can drink your water stylishly!!

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What are water infusions?
What are dosha types?
What is the Kapha dosha?
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