3 Steps To Healthy Curls (E-book)

3 Steps To Healthy Curls (E-book)

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Looking back, I think I had the most perfect head of hair until about the age 15.  That's when my mother "officially" released me and allowed me to take care of my own hair.  As she put it, "You're on your own.  If you haven't learned how to take care of your own hair by now, ask one of your sisters." 

It was liberating!  I was FREE!!

I was so looking forward to this moment that I had to grab my book full of things I wanted to do to my hair (I had to have the latest hairstyles now that I was in high school, right?).  Since my sister had just received her license as a cosmetologist, the sky was the limit.  First up, Jheri Curl! 

Hated it.  And that curl activator?!!  Uhhh, no. So off to the land of relaxers, hair color, heat appliances, drastic cuts, and almost anything else I saw my friends doing.  My mom just said, "well, you're the one who has to walk around looking like that".  I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.

It wasn't until 2000 that I decided to ditch the relaxers.  Although I LOVED my relaxed tresses, I didn't like the fact that my hair was beginning to thin from the chemicals.  The trusted internet became my BEST friend for advice on what to do with my new curly roots.

T-M-I (too much information).  Seemed like the more I read, the more confused I became.  Until one day my "aha" moment came...

Sometimes it's difficult to wade through a ton of information about natural hair care, just to squeeze out a few tidbits of useful information. You really only want to know how to achieve your best hair, and this e-book breaks it down simply.  Find out three very important things that absolutely MUST become part of your hair care regimen in order to keep your curls healthy.

Download your copy today and get ready for your healthiest hair ever!



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