Qualities and Features

Our goal is simple: to connect body, mind and soul with nature’s purity and bring clarity, healing and positive influence in your life.

true wellness and lasting beauty can only come from knowledge.

Zen living is important for the journey we call life. Let's not cut that journey short by following a slippery slope to stress, anger, tension. Relax...enjoy and above all meditate.

Conscious hair care.

The ayurvedic AfroVeda hair care line of products brings together the wisdom of nature and the intelligence intrinsically embedded in every ingredient to deliver organic formulas that profoundly restore and visibly transform. By investing in fair trade businesses and charities, we aspire to support the continuity of education, opportunity and earth's renewable resources.

We have consciously blended these products to promote the balance of your individual dosha and unique skin type, each product containing the purest and most effective ingredients to genuinely feed your hair and scalp.

We promise to bring you:

  • Ayurvedic remedies for kinky, curly and afro-textured hair
  • 100% herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, plants and minerals from the earth
  • Nature-intelligent, curative formulas to promote optimal hair health and visible results
  • Highest quality & purity of botanicals from sustainable farms from around the world
  • Certified organic and therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Certified lead-free and metal-free herbs
  • Free of parabens, GMO's, sulfates, and any other harmful ingredients