FOLLICLE™ Advanced Therapy Hair Restoration System

Have you been looking for a natural hair regrowth solution with no negative side effects and  no negative hormonal impact?  Our 4-part hair regrowth system is 100% natural and includes PROVEN DHT blockers and ancient Ayurvedic herbs to reverse the negative effects of hair thinning and hair breakage/loss.

These are real results from real people. This client has shown amazing results after only 7 days!


Many popular hair treatment systems use harsh chemicals to assist you with growing back your hair. You may actually see some results, but you may not realize the long term adverse effects those chemicals are having on your body systems. 

We have developed a system using only the most potent herbs and botanicals available in a formula designed to stop hair loss as well as promote healthy hair growth. All without the use of parabens, sulfates or any harmful chemicals. And it works! You can trust that these products will be good for both your hair and your body.

We know that so often wearing wigs and weaves, as well as hair that is braided too tightly, can lead to hair loss (traction alopecia). We invite you to treat your hair with this under-hair care system and get your confidence and self esteem back.

FOLLICLE™ Advanced Formula Hair Restoration System is an all-natural herbal hair treatment system designed to offer a long term solution to hair loss for women.  The ingredients in this system helps block the action of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) – an androgen or hormone that prevents the hair follicles from getting necessary nutrients to grow healthy hair – as well as promote new hair growth resulting from various forms of alopecia.

Cosmetologist and trichologist approved! 

The FOLLICLE™ Advanced Formula Hair Restoration System consists of four steps to be used once per week. 

  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Strengthens Hair with Powerful DHT Blockers
  • Contains Vitamins for Hair Growth

NO Parabens, NO SLS, NO Harmful Chemicals

STEP 1:  FOLLICLE Scalp Exfoliator Gently relieves tightness and exfoliates the scalp to remove excess sebum and product buildup, unclogs pores and prepares the scalp to receive the vital herbs and nutrients necessary for follicle care and maximum hair growth.
STEP 2:  FOLLICLE Scalp Cleanse An herbal hair and scalp tea designed to provide gentle warming of the scalp to increase penetration of nutrients to the hair follicle.
STEP 3:  FOLLICLE Intense Follicle Booster Oil Once the scalp has been treated and prepared, this ultra-concentrated herbal scalp oil is ready to provide vitamins, nutrients and botanicals deep into the hair follicle to help protect it from the damaging effects of DHT.  When used as directed, this oil conditions and heals the scalp, relieves itchiness, eliminates tightness and dryness, and promotes healthy hair growth.
STEP 4:  FOLLICLE Scalp & Hair Moisturizer As the final step in the hair restoration system, this herbal tea-based cream is the perfect moisturizer for both the hair and scalp.  Highly concentrated with ancient herbs known for centuries to promote hair growth, as well as botanicals proven to stop hair loss, this moisturizer keeps the hair soft, supple and adds sheen while further conditioning and healing the scalp. Continued use, in conjunction with the other items in the system, promotes faster hair growth.













Hair grows from the follicle, or root, underneath the skin. The hair is ‘fed’ by blood vessels at the base of the follicle, which give it the nourishment it needs to grow. Between starting to grow and falling out years later, each hair passes through four stages: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen. Every hair can be at a different stage of the growth cycle at any given time.

Your head is made up of about 150,000 hair follicles. Around 80-90% of hair is in the anagen, or growing, phase of the hair growth cycle at any one time. Throughout the cycle, the hairs on your head are in various stages of growth and shedding.

Over time, the length of the anagen stage decreases. Therefore, the hair may become weaker and thinner after each cycle. That’s why it’s important to ensure your diet is rich in specific nutrients to maintain healthy hair growth.

Hair Growth Phases

1. Anagen (Growing Phase)
The anagen, or growing, phase usually lasts 2-7 years, and the length of this phase determines the length of our hair.

2. Catagen (Transition Phase)
This is the transitional phase that lasts about ten days. During this stage, the hair follicle decreases in size and detaches from the dermal papilla.

3. Telogen (Resting Phase)
This is the telogen, or resting, phase, which generally lasts around 3 months. Around 10-15% of the hair on your head is in this phase at any given time. While the old hair is resting, a new hair begins the growing phase.

4. Exogen (Shedding Phase)
This is a part of the resting phase where the old hair detaches and sheds, and new hair continues to grow. Approximately 50 to 150 of your hairs may fall out daily. That is considered a normal rate of hair shedding.

FOLLICLE™ Advanced Therapy Hair Restoration System is the ONLY 100% Natural Ayurvedic Hair Regrowth System

 The main ingredients of Saw Palmetto, Green Tea and Nettles have been a proven combination for the regrowth of scalp hair for years.  Additional natural herbs such as Fenugreek, Licorice Root, Fo-Ti Root, Tea Tree Oil, Baobab and other ancient Ayurvedic herbs moisturizes and conditions the scalp and hair, as well as increases the effectiveness and ability of the herbs to penetrate the hair follicle for maximum benefit.


 Our 100% natural Ayurvedic hair regrowth system works!  Our ultra-concentrated formula is proven to help regrow hair while promoting faster, thicker hair growth. Why spend thousands of dollars on chemical-laden products or painful hair transplants?  If your hair follicles are still alive our FOLLICLE treatment system will help stimulate and grow your hair!

 Get this amazing 4-part natural hair regrowth system!  It's time to say good-bye to hair loss and thinning hair.  Start your hair growth journey, and your NEW life, today!