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Summer Hair Care for Every Curl Type!

By: Verity Reign

Beaches, flowey maxi dresses and cookouts are only a few of the sizzling season’s luxuries! While we’re enjoying the rays, though, we have to remember to care for our hair. Here are a few tips and styles for every curl type that’ll keep your crown and glory beautiful and healthy!

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Cleanse & Refresh: The not so glamorous side of the sun is sweat! Just like your face, your scalp also sweats, producing dirt, oil...

Ayurvedic Herbs that Heal: Treat Hair Loss, Dry Scalp and More!

By: Verity Reign

We all have hair related concerns, even if our manes are in tiptop shape. Thanks to a mother who kept my hair right and tight as a young girl, my thick ponytail that stopped where my bra strap would have (had I been developed enough to wear a bra) was extremely healthy. Despite my well-maintained mane though, I still had itchy scalp; and while it wasn’t necessarily a hair problem per say, it was still the home in which my hair lived and thrived. As much as I...

Dosha Follow-up & Box Braid Care!

By: Verity Reign

The last time we spoke I told you I would update you on my Vata Dosha experience. I followed the dietary suggestions, but I did veer off that weekend and indulge in a pepperoni pizza. Other than that, I stuck to baked chicken, salmon, rice, cooked vegetables and soups. I didn’t follow all the daily practices, like self-massages, but I did regulate my sleep patterns, take deep breaths throughout the day, and I used a lightly scented, soothing oil instead of my usual lotion. I also took a...

Ayurvedic, AfroVeda and Dosha: What are These Weird Words & What do They Have to do with My Hair?

By: Verity Reign

I first fell in love with AfroVeda products three years ago when I chopped off the rest of my relaxer and swore to keep my thick, kinky-curly, pillow-soft puff, who I’ve affectionately named Ebony, as is. The first two products my primary stylist, who’s inconveniently located in Georgia, gave me to try were AfroVeda’s Cocoa Latte Moisture Mask and Pur Whipped Hair Gelly. Since then, I’ve been in loooove with the brand and I swear by these two genius concoctions. They not only bring out...

L'Oreal and Amla Legend being sued for African American Women Hair Falling out!

The beauty brand was accused of fraud and negligence after one of their relaxers left women with “burning on their scalp and developed bald spots.”