What's the big deal about Ginger?

By: Verity Reign

In prior years, I’d never given much thought to ginger, with the exception of Christmas time. Who doesn’t love a frosted gingerbread man? But then earlier this year, a guy who I was talking to made some kind of healing potion for his cold with ginger root. I sat on the phone with him as he brewed the concoction and halfway listened as he explained all the healing properties of ginger. To my surprise, a day later, his stuffy nose and annoying, nasally voice were no more—thanks to that ginger stuff. Turns out his weird health nut behaviors weren’t so weird after all. We don’t speak anymore (he was kind of a jerk) and I never got his remedy recipe (darn it!), but he did introduce the idea of ginger to me, which lead me to do a little research. The natural treasure is common in the Ayurvedic world and here are a few of its uses.

First, you should know that there are two types: fresh and dry ginger. According to, using fresh ginger is suggested over the dried form because it is better in flavor and also contains higher levels of gingerol and its active protease, ginger’s anti-inflammatory compound., though, suggests that the dry form also has its benefits—to include aiding in chronic respiratory illness and neurological disorders.

High Blood Pressure. reveals that ginger alleviates high blood pressure: The “warming quality improves and stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles surrounding blood vessels, facilitating the flow of blood throughout the body.”

  1. Home of Ayurveda suggests it for cramps. Pour 1 cup of boiled water over 1-teaspoon dried or 1-tablespoon fresh ginger root. Cover it and steep for 10 min and then strain. Drink one cup 3-4 times a day or after meals.
  2. Our very own AfroVeda actually several products inspired by ginger. KAPHA Totally Twisted Ginger Almond Butter works to stimulate hair growth, manageability, softness and shine. On the styling side, the butter provides a soft, gentle hold for braids, twists, straw sets and more. The yummy-smelling goody is also great for wash and gos, enhancing and defining the natural curl pattern. Another product is the Ginger Root Hair Pomade for Men, which provides control, structure and a strong hold to hairstyles without leaving the hair stiff.

These are only a few of the many awesome uses of ginger. You should definitely research it and see how you can incorporate it into your diet for improved health. If you know of any other uses or a recipe, share with us below! Here’s a ginger tea recipe I found. Try it out and let us know what you think on Twitter: @AfroVeda, @VerityReign

Ginger Tea Recipe

Here’s a recipe for ginger tea, no thanks to “Mean Boy.” I got it from

  1. Steep about 5 to 6 thin slices of ginger root to hot water
  2. Add lemon and sweetener if desired


Seems simple enough!

*Just throwing in my opinion here, but I’m thinking that if you do choose to sweeten it, you should probably use an organic honey so that you don’t dilute the health properties with sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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