Summer Hair Care for Every Curl Type!

By: Verity Reign

Beaches, flowey maxi dresses and cookouts are only a few of the sizzling season’s luxuries! While we’re enjoying the rays, though, we have to remember to care for our hair. Here are a few tips and styles for every curl type that’ll keep your crown and glory beautiful and healthy!

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Cleanse & Refresh: The not so glamorous side of the sun is sweat! Just like your face, your scalp also sweats, producing dirt, oil and buildup. Everything starts with a clean and healthy scalp, so shampoo as needed. After taking dips in the pool and ocean waves you will need to shampoo, as chlorine and salt are not good for the hair and need to be cleansed out.

Recommended product: AfroVeda Monoi de Tiare Cleansing Cream, $21. Monoi de Tiare Cleansing Cream hydrates as it cleanses so you don’t have to worry about a drying effect that some cleansers leave.

A Beam Condition: Let the natural sunbeams be your hooded dryer and do a deep condition treatment! Before you bask in the sun, wet your hair and apply a good, hydrating conditioner. Apply it generously throughout your hair and pull it up into a bun, ponytail, or just leave it sit loose and free. The conditioner is a great combat against salt, chlorine and dryness from extreme rays. The sun will also heat the conditioner for a thorough penetration. Think of it like a deep conditioner! Rinse after you’re done sunbathing!

Recommended product: AfroVeda Coconut Moisture Milk Conditioner, $14. Coconut Moisture Milk Conditioner contains fine botanicals and herbs that are full of vitamins. The formula increases moisture and strengthens your tresses!

Twist it Out: Protective styling is probably the best route to gorgeous looking hair. Nothing is worse than shabby, split ends, and twist sets are a great way to keep your ends in shape. They’re also cute and last long, so you can keep them in from a few days to a week, depending on your hair. Adding braiding or twisting hair is also a viable option if you want some extra length, or if you want them to last even longer.

Recommended products: AfroVeda Hemp Seed Lock, Twist & Roll Butter, $19.50-$32.50. The Hemp Seed Lock, Twist & Roll Butter works well with tighter patterns, 3 and 4 curls; and makes your twists shiny and soft without a greasy or flaky residue. It works wonders on damaged ends and also elongates your twists. AfroVeda POWER Oasis Fruit Cocktail Hair Souffle, $23.50. POWER Oasis Fruit Cocktail Hair Souffle is great for looser curl patterns. It contains all kinds of goodness, like Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Palm Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and more! The formula infuses moisture and is a magnificent styling aid for twists!

Weave it Up: Give your hair a rest and go unnatural! Whether sleek and straight or curly and textured, weaves are convenient and stylish. They cover your hair, guarding it from intense rays and other environmental factors. Getting a weave still requires maintenance though. Shampoo and condition it, as you would your hair; but you can probably do it less frequently. Additionally, apply a moisturizer so that it stays looking fresh!

Recommended product: AfroVeda STRAIGHT Mongongo & Argan Heat Protection Hair Glaze, $22. The STRAIGHT Mongong & Argan Heat Protection Hair Glaze is a good pre-heat styling agent! Obviously with weave (human hair) you can heat style as often as you want, but applying a dime size amount of this oil after shampoo and conditioning and before drying will make the world of difference. It’ll keep your weave smooth and silky!

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