She Vibrates on a Higher Level

Some people are just amazing.

For no reason that you can come up with, or explanation you can give, some people are just genetically engineered to vibrate on a higher level.

That has always been the case with this lovely princess here! She smiles through EVERYTHING! She is my hero.

I remember years ago hanging out in Houston with her, her mom and a few of my sisters. We went out for lunch somewhere and one of my sisters was flirting with the waiter (yes, my sister...not me. LOL!!) She waited for him to leave the table and said "he's not that cute." We all died laughing! And the disgusted look on her face was priceless!! This innocent comment might not mean much to you who are reading this email, but it meant the world to us at the table. See, this little princess has been diagnosed with first one disease then another, and another, and another. And at that time it was quite difficult for her to formulate words that we could understand. Well, we all understood those words!

Her one pet peeve (that I know of) has always been getting her hair combed. Stretched to waist length, she certainly has a head full. I created a detangling spray for her one day and it was on! "Auntie Mala's Magic" was born!! (She named it that.)

From there on out she wouldn't let anyone touch her hair without that spray! Yep. She is amazing.

She is a wonderful testimony for our Your Health Your Hair initiative. She is very conscious of how she looks (she loves pink and even had a boyfriend!) and has never let her health challenges get in the way of her happiness. You have NO IDEA how much I love this little girl!! I'm sure her mom and nanna would give me a run for my money, but as her great aunt, it's still pretty damn close!

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Let's all start to vibrate on a higher level.

Namaste. ♥

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