Refreshing Rosemary Footbath


If you're like most people, you spend an enormous amount of time on your feet.  Whether working, shopping or just pacing trying to put the baby to sleep, our little tootsies do a lot of work.

I stumbled across this amazing recipe to help give those aching troopers a break, and wanted to be sure to share it with you.  Try this and I guarantee you, your feet will be refreshed.

A cold water bath for hot, swollen feet provides a refreshing sensation after a long day.  The therapeutic uses of this foot bath include relieving aching feet as well as combating fatigue and exhaustion.  The analgesic properties of rosemary will soothe the feet and tea tree is added for its powerful antiseptic ability to deodorize.



1 sprig of rosemary with leaves broker into pieces

6 drops of tea tree essential oil

Fill a large bowl or dishpan with cold water.  Add rosemary leaves and tea tree essential oil along with 5 or 6 ice cues.  Swish the water to disperse the oil.  Dip feet into water for 30 seconds, remove and rub entire foot vigorously with both hands.  Return feet to bath and keep repeating the action until feet become red. Towel off and dry.

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