Healthy Hair From The Inside Out

Beautiful, healthy, shining hair that’s easy to manage? Count us in. But, how can we achieve it?

Turns out, a number of factors may be standing in our way, such as:

  • Environmental conditions like cold or dry weather, salt water or chlorine, everyday air pollution, and even dust.
  • Unhealthy diet, stress, or other damaging lifestyle habits can also contribute to lackluster locks.
  • Products and services containing harsh artificial chemicals like hair dye, straightening techniques, perming, and more can lead to excessive shedding, brittle roots, thinning and noticeable damage.

Repairing and bringing back our hair’s natural sheen is not just an outside job, but an inside job too. By eating the right kinds of foods, relaxing, and caring for hair with naturally derived ingredients, those strands can be back to good as new in no time.

Protein and biotin, a B vitamin, are said to be the core building blocks for our nails, teeth, skin, and especially hair. Luckily, these ingredients are found in certain foods which we can easily add to our daily diets. Some of these foods include: sunflower seeds, almonds, whole grains like oats, leafy greens, eggs, and even soy beans.

These protein and biotin-rich foods contain properties than can fight and protect our hair from free radicals. Our hair is prone to damage by free radicals found in the environment, such as pollution and dust.

So, consuming them can help make our hair follicles stronger and help prevent our hair from thinning and falling.

However, when the positive effects of these foods are cancelled out from the use of hair products with harsh artificial chemicals, then we’ve got an issue on our hands.

So, here’s how you can help take care of your hair from the outside.

Nature’s proteins and biotin can also be used to nourish our scalp and strands from the outside. Various holistic practices such as Ayurveda recommend eating and even massaging the scalp and hair with oils from these protein and biotin-rich seeds and nuts to facilitate healthy hair growth.

Even using grain-based hair masks such as oatmeal, sunflower, and the like can cleanse and help treat the damaged strands, tips, and weakened roots.

However, various beauty products are riddled with unnatural chemicals which may show positive results in the short-run, but start to diminish hair’s quality after prolonged use.

But, you can tap into nature’s best by using our full range of Ayurvedic products, which uses plant-based ingredients to help make your hair feel thicker, softer, and healthier.

Plant-based ingredients like saw palmetto, oats, and quinoa protein, are known to help regulate hair growth and make strands less vulnerable to split-ends or easy breakage.

AfroVeda's Egyptian Rose African Black Soap shampoo can be used for all hair-types and does not contain any harsh, artificial chemicals.  Plus, it is super simple to use. First, start by massaging AfroVeda's Egyptian Rose African Black Soap Shampoo through wet hair until it creates a rich and cleansing lather and then rinse it off. Using one of our cream moisturizers and herbal hair growth oils will give you a much better chance of enhancing your hair growth and bringing your hair back to its naturally healthy state.

So, what have we learned? A protein-rich diet, stress-reducing lifestyle, and AfroVeda's plant-based shampoos, moisturizers and conditioners can effectively help improve hair health.

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  • Robin M Crump on

    I have very sensitive skin I noticed I cant use sunflower /safflower or rosehip oil I break out .

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