Can Your Hair Do This?

Hey beautiful!

Happy Thursday!!  Have you noticed the cooler weather?  I certainly have!  When you live in LA with no air conditioning you DEFINITELY feel any and all cool breezes!  LOL!!  (I ♥ LA)

Cooler weather means a change in seasons, and there is some preparation to be made if you want to keep your hair moisturized and healthy (cold, dry air is not your friend!).

But today I just wanted to share a few thoughts about hair texture.  I came across this picture on the internet and was absolutely IN LOVE!  I've been wanting my hair to do this my entire life, but my 3C/4A fine strands just won't let me be great (like this)!  This is my daughter's texture, and I remember the days when I could play with her hair for hours!  Thick, curly, soft, pliable hair that I could easily style in any way I could think of.  She's 31 now, and still rocks this same BEAUTIFUL hair!

There are so many different hair textures and curl patterns represented in Afro-textured hair...sometimes on the same head.  And if we're not careful, we'll find ourselves wanting what we don't have - someone else's hair.  It's easy to do, especially if we are not at the point we want to be in our own hair journey.  Psychologists say that this can have an adverse effect on our self-esteem, and I have witnessed such.  But it doesn't have to be that way.


I see afros (small and large), well-defined wash and go's, loose waves and protective styles on curly girls (and guys) everyday.  And if the person is close enough, I do my best to make sure they know from me that how they presented themselves to the world that day was appreciated. True beauty comes from within.  And no matter what insecurities you may have about your hair, just know that it was given to you to love and nourish.  It's part of who you are, and can help express the POWER that you are.


The most beautiful hair you can possibly have is healthy hair.  So if you haven't started the journey, decide and commit.  Find products that will help, not harm, you and your hair (of course we have plenty!), and love yourself along the way. 

So the answer to the question posed above (can your hair do this?) for me is a resounding NO.  It never has, and never will.  And that's okay.  My hair is mine, exclusively, with all it's quirks and temperaments. 

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