3 Natural Ways to Reduce Hair Loss Using Ayurvedic Practices

Turning tragedy into triumph where hair loss is the issue can seem impossible. There are thousands of creams, potions, and lotions on the market that promise to magically stop or reverse hair loss and baldness. While the hope of a cure can be alluring, most of us experience an involuntary wince and inner twitch at the thought of possibly having to endure a severe rash, puffy hands or feet or the pounding of an erratic heartbeat as the result of using a chemical on our skin or ingesting a pill.

Good news! There are safe and natural ways to manage balding or hair loss using Ayurvedic practices.

Let’s take a look at three natural ways to manage your hair loss using Ayurvedic practices.

Ayurvedic Head Massage (Champi)

Ayurvedic (Abhyanga) massage is an excellent way to get the blood flowing to your scalp. Aside from the fact that a good scalp massage can make your toes curl, the execution of Champi with essential oils is particularly necessary for carrying oxygen and other nutrients to the region that support hair growth.

Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Essential oils are like liquid gold for your scalp and hair! These oils can further boost blood flow and circulation to the scalp. Amla is a fantastic oil that is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin enables hair to grow healthy, flexible and able to withstand the daily ritual of styling. Amla oil is especially useful in cleansing the scalp of dirt, flakes and other debris that can sometimes slow down healthy hair growth.

Amla oil is just one of many herbal oils that can help to improve the health of your scalp including rosemary, almond, arnica, and Brahmi to name a few.

More about Herbs

Herbs can help to restore your hair from the depths of alopecia while also giving your hair much-needed strength. Neem, ashwagandha, and ritha are all excellent sources of nutrients for your scalp and war against hair loss.

These are just three ways to treat alopecia and hair loss following Ayurvedic treatment practices.

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